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10 Things Every Homeowner Should Own

Updated: Sep 27, 2020


Maybe you've been renting, but you've skimped, saved, and manipulated your credit score as best you could, and are now ready to buy a house. Maybe you still want someone else to take care of maintenance and major repairs, but you need to scale up to a larger space. Either way, you've got the keys and are standing in your very own home.

The first few months are easy. You move in your furniture and put up some pictures, and you sit there mighty proud of yourself thinking home ownership is a piece of cake. Bring. It. On.

Then it happens. Your first set of repairs kicks in. Every house needs them eventually, whether old or new. There you sit in your car, on your way to the nearest Walmart at two in the morning thinking to yourself, "I wish I would have thought to buy that." We've all been there, but hopefully this list helps postpone that moment a little longer for you.

1. A tool box with all of your basic tools

I don't mean a hammer and some nails. I'm talking about a wrench, some pliers, and all those other things you don't think you need until you do. This one on Amazon is less than $25 and has all that plus some extra Allen wrenches, because you know you've already lost the ones that came with your furniture. It also has free Prime shipping, if you're into that sort of thing.

2. Spare light bulbs

Because no one likes pooping in the dark.

3. A drain snake/auger

Calling a plumber every time you clog your drain gets expensive, and even if you're renting it could take forever to get your maintenance team to finally get to your house. If you're anything like me, your hair sheds faster than chow chow at the beginning of summer and quite frankly ain't nobody got time for all that waiting. This one is $20.99, has free shipping through amazon prime, and has a five star rating. Bonus points for no longer being judged for all the nasty stuff clogging your drain.

4. A hand truck

At some point you're likely going to want to update your furniture. Maybe get rid of that old fridge and get one that has a digital shopping list on the front or finally replace that couch your darling child decided to color on in permanent marker (No, I'm not still mad...). Then you realize you have to move the old stuff to the curb, or worse, your delivery charge only covers bringing your new furniture to the door and the "Expert Setup" charge is slightly obnoxious. Tell them to stick it where the sun don't shine and move it your dang self. This one comes in at $70, but I've seen it go on sale for as low as about $55. In the words of Elle Woods, "Why have others do for you, what you can do for yourself?"

5. AC Window unit

I know your house probably has central air but hear me out. It's three a.m and you wake up sweating to a very hot house. Your central air is out, and not only that but it's the Fourth of July and every HVAC company is closed. Even if you can reach one, the emergency fee for them to come out on a national holiday is astronomical. To make matters worse it's slated to be over 100 degrees by noon and you have a newborn in the house. I kid you not, my husband and I found ourselves in this exact position. Needless to say we wish we had one of these stashed in our shed somewhere, but instead we had the kids and I piled in the car with the AC on blast while my husband was in Walmart trying to find any AC unit he could. This one is $194 and comes with a handy remote and climate control for while you wait for your HVAC specialist.

6. Portable Space Heater

I think you know where I'm going with this, but imagine the above scenario except on Christmas morning or New Years when you'll be lucky to even find a Walmart open. This little guy on Amazon is much cheaper at about $27 and comes with free shipping with Prime. My advice would be to pick up enough for each bedroom so everyone can sleep comfortably.

7. A Backup generator for your home

This one is a bit more of an investment, but if your power should go out in the middle of summer or winter you'll still have the ability to cook food, take a hot shower, and keep your house comfortable while you wait for the electricity to be repaired. At $1,060, this has free scheduled delivery and great customer reviews from individuals who have used these in emergency situations. Pick up a transfer switch to hook it up to your whole house.

8. Emergency Flashlight

These flashlights are super bright, rechargeable, and come in a two pack for $19.99 with free Prime shipping through Amazon. Keep one in your garage and one in your car. It's great for emergencies or moments when your dog decides to dig himself under your shed like an idiot. Real life moments, y'all.

9. Portable jump starter with air compressor

It's 7:00AM. You were supposed to leave 30 minutes ago, but your 5 year old ran into you, spilling your coffee all over your clothes. You go out to the car, already in a rush, and your car won't start. You have a flash back to last night when you were lugging in groceries and realize you didn't close the door all the way. The battery is dead. Do yourself a solid and keep one of these suckers in your car for emergencies. It also has an air compressor in case your tire goes flat, USB plugs for charging your mobile device, and a 12 volt plug for.... your hair straightener?? Let's be real ladies, we've all been there and wouldn't hesitate to use this to fix our hair before an interview or running a presentation at work.

10. Yard Games

If the pandemic has taught us anything, it's that when you get used to relying on outside venues for entertainment, your own backyard becomes a boring patch of nicely mowed grass. Whether you create bocce court, set up a volleyball/badminton net, or simply stash a set of hula hoops in your shed, make sure that you create the ability to enjoy the outdoors in your own backyard.

What did you suddenly realize you needed after moving into your first home? Let me know in the comments below!

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