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Is The RealReal Really Real?

(NS) We've all wondered about it. The RealReal. Are these clothes really designer brands, with prices sometimes as low as $15 for items that originally sell for over $100, and in "excellent" or "pristine" condition? It honestly just seems too good too be true, and if history tells us anything, that means it usually is. I've read reviews that go both ways. Some say they received clothes that were obviously not designer and had fake labels. Others say that they love the site and that they get amazing deals on clothes they normally couldn't afford.

So I decided to do a review. Actually I signed up for the service, looked at it, favorites a few things, and let the app sit for months (if we're being really real- see what I did there?). Then they sent me a coupon for $30 off any purchase. Remembering that they were also having a sale of 70% off women's clothing, I thought this would be the perfect chance to try the service for barely anything. I decided to input my sizes, set the filter from lowest to highest, then combed through the clothes that fit my list of items still needed off my Neutral Wardrobe. I found two pieces, both priced a $15 each, that were marked in either excellent or pristine condition. My goal was to score two free pieces of designer clothing that appeared to never have been worn.

I picked out a blouse from Rag & Bone, that when researched was originally valued at about $125. I also ordered a pleated faux-leather skirt from Michael Kors with an original price of $98. My total order, should I have bought this new, would have been approximately $223 (plus tax and shipping). The RealReal had each of these marked originally at $50, but with the 70% discount, it brought it down to $30. My coupon covered the rest, and all I paid for was shipping and tax. Not to mention the fact that I was also saving $11 in sales tax because my amount of taxable items was lower, so I saved an estimated total of $232.50 (including shipping charges). I mean, this was basically getting free clothes!

So I waited for the moment of truth to come. Would my hard earned $15.44 and money saving efforts come in with a win? Shipping took about a week, which in the current climate with Covid 19, was pretty average. Then, one day, a bag and a box arrived at my door.

The first item I opened was the bag, which contained the Rag & Bone tee shirt. It was packaged in a reusable drawstring bag, which was a nice touch. I had pictured this being made of actual tee shirt material, but it was more of a knitted fabric, almost like a blouse. It had a light smell to it (not bad, just like that of another household that smells unfamiliar to yours) but was in very good condition. No stains or snags in the fabric. There was slight distressing all over, but that seemed to be the actual make of the shirt, not a sign of wear. It fit great and would go amazing with a light colored tank underneath.

The second item I opened was the bog that contained my faux-leather skirt. My excitement was through the roof. If this item had disappointed I likely would have been crushed. When I researched this skirt to figure out the original price, I also learned that it was sold out. Everywhere. This was now my only hope of owning it.

It also came packaged in a reusable drawstring bag. I opened the bag and was thrilled to see that it was in mint condition. No smell, marks, stains or any defects. It looked like it has just been pulled off the rack. It was a bit wrinkled from shipping, but nothing that couldn't be fixed with a quick steam. I can't wait to wear this!

The deals were so good I cam back for more. I needed a beige skirt for my list, so I searched the $15 price point hoping to strike it rich again. I found a Calvin Klein knee-length beige pencil skirt in "Excellent" condition. I went online to find the original price and it was $79. It also was sold out in my size. I checked the price on a higher size, to see how much it would have been new on the website with the discount code listed. It was still $30.34. So I added it to my RealReal cart and proceeded to check out. I saved an additional $5.29 in taxes, with a total savings of $65.10 off the original price of the skirt.

The shipping time was actually a bit shorter, about 4 days, and it came in a typical shipping bag for clothing. It was packaged in the same reusable drawstring bag as the last shipment, and had a card that thanks you for shopping sustainably from the CEO of the company.

The little pamphlet is a nice touch that talks about their authentication process and urges you to cosign with them to increase sustainable shopping.

Inside the reusable drawstring was my like new skirt. It was a bit wrinkled, as were the other purchases, due to shipping I would assume. The garment contained no stains or defects that I could see and was of great quality.

In conclusion, after three pieces of clothing and a lot of research, I can now say that The RealReal really is the real deal! Remember to shop with purpose, but this is a great way to add quality pieces to your wardrobe for a fraction of what it would cost to do so otherwise.

Go forth and be bougie on a budget with thy self!

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